PlayStationMagazine Italia | FIRST Dead Island Review

We can see the first Dead Island REVIEW. It seems that this game will be best zombie game of all time. Full review can be found on 81st page of Magazine

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Wolfie2544d ago

good score :) just a few days left

Ravens202544d ago

FInally! lol Hopefully we see more reviews soon so I can make a decision!

Miiikeyyy2543d ago

I need to Pre-order this soon, So I'm waiting for a few more reviews! 8.5 sounds good so far!

Lavalamp2544d ago

8,5? Did they award it two scores? Sh*t just got real.

Ares902544d ago

maybe the user who submitted this article is not from America, I know in other countries they use "," instead of "." for decimals.

KorekSAN2544d ago

sorry for that, I live in Europe where we use "," :)

Skate-AK2544d ago

Hopefully reviews like this keep coming out since I have it payed it off already. This also makes me happy since it's a PS3 magazine and barely any PS3 footage has been shown so at least I know it runs well.

KorekSAN2544d ago

this guy must be a reviewer cause he got lots of material on his youtube channel - and it is from PS3 -

LordRydell2544d ago

Well,on my trip on Italy I bought the OPM Italy and they had the first Homefront Review.It was a 9!Not sure if I can trust these guys when it comes to for the review,I don't speak or read Italian,therefore I can't read it :/

Huffman2543d ago

That doesn't bode well...

Silentmerc3nary2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Some people thought Homefront was worthy of a 9. Myself included. Still playing multiplayer right now. Just comes down to what you think, I guess.

8.5 is a really good score. Much better than I anticipated.

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