Reset Glitch Hack enables Xbox 360 to run Linux

GamePron: It’s always fun to make things into something they’re not. We’re guessing that’s why this bunch of French Xbox 360 modders have taken Microsoft‘s gaming console and hacked the motherboard to run a version of Linux (which in turn is used to run an N64 emulator and a copy of F-Zero X).

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steve30x2394d ago

This was posted a few days ago.

OcularVision2394d ago

Can I run Windows on it? If so, does it mean I'll get the RRoD and the Blue screen at the same time?

LNDCalling2394d ago

lol RROD and BSOD.. a marriage made in hell!

Windows on 360 would be the ultimate fail... LINUX on the other hand.. I do like a Linux Distro me!

FragMnTagM2394d ago

Man they need to make a new F zero game.