Mass Effect DLC a 'win-win situation' for BioWare

Releasing DLC for the Mass Effect series is a "win-win" situation for BioWare, studio co-founder Dr Ray Muzyka has told

Asked if BioWare has got DLC right yet, Muzyka said: "We always feel like we can get better. I think more telemetry in our game client allows us to see what players are actually doing, as well as listening to press feedback and fan feedback on the forums."

"We're targeting different audiences with different DLC, and we actually use them as a test bed for innovation too - we try out new things sometimes. It's exciting to see the ones that appeal to a vast audience. It's challenging for the team sometimes to see the ones that don't appeal as much - but we learn from that. We make it get better, and we're always striving to make great content no matter whether it's small, big, whether it's play-for-free or social, HD console RPGs, or MMOs - we're always striving for high quality in whatever form that takes."

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strange19862485d ago

As long as the DLC is more like Overlord/Shadow Broker and a lot less like Arrival I suppose I would agree.

dingledodie772485d ago

If they have less vehicle levels, I can only see that as a plus. My personal favourite was Kasumi: Stolen Memory.

TenkoTAiLS2485d ago

Release a Mass Effect 2 Ultimate Edition already!