Sarif Industries Website "Breached". New Deus Ex Human Revolution Information Incoming?

Eidos Montreal have been modifying their website.

Have they hidden something that they want us to find?

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user8586212395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

ABSOULTELY BRILLIANT GAME!! (Although it's damn difficult on Give Me Deus Ex mode) GOTY contender easily

outwar60102395d ago

im like 6 hour in and am loving it

Christopher2395d ago

Sarif really needs to think about doing a Sony and having some third parties come in and bolster their security.

cogniveritas2395d ago

I enjoyed the game. It's earned a couple replays so I can do things differently. But in the end, although there are a few slightly different cinematics, it felt like none of the decisions really mattered. You don't get to see the impact your choices had on the specific people you met throughout the game. It would have at least been nice to be able to get a thank you from some of those people you spent forever helping.

SageHonor2395d ago

I feel the same way.. nand the endings.... cutscenes with a speech? Great speeches but i feel no closure

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