Battlefield 3 single-player, multiplayer maps completely different

DICE have revealed that the co-op and single-player maps will be completely different from the multiplayer maps in Battlefield 3, with no recycling of environments because the multiplayer represents the future after the single-player campaign.

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NuclearDuke2517d ago

As with any other multiplayer shooter, the singleplayer maps aren't entirely the same as the multiplayer maps.

Is this news?

zeksta2517d ago

What? You haven't played Call of Duty? :O

NuclearDuke2517d ago

Sure I have, each PC release they have made. Each multiplayer map is taken from the singleplayer, surely - but it is altered so much that you cannot find head or tails.

Take a look at World at War and Battlefield 2, you will see that it's happening there aswell.

Pixel_Pusher2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

God damn this game is packed with content. <3 DICE : )

Undeadwolfy2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Seriously, if you look at levels in the SP of CoD games, there are blatant cut and paste jobs of points of interest such as Radars, building layouts, scenery, many things. If you look at WaW, the zombie maps and certain buildings which were all based on maps that were in multiplayer which had been taken from singleplayer. Such as Nacht Der Untoten building was a building in the Airfield map in NO and Der Riese was based on buildings from Nightfire in mp I believe.