God of War, Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry has a new contender

Back in 2008 there were murmurings about a US adaptation of 'Versus' where one of the 666 portals were placed. Cut to 2011, we seem to have discovered one of the portals that discuss not only the movie that was being pitched but also a videogame that would be based on on the lines of some of the famous hack & slash games that we have seen this generation.

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Nike2183d ago

Hmmm...I wonder if Platinum games would make this totally awesome game...SIgh

Niles2183d ago

Tokyo gore police anyone?

PS anyone who has not seen or heard of this

NukaCola2183d ago

Oh I love TGP! Violence is on a whole new level.

The Meerkat2183d ago

I'm trying to forget that i've seen TGP.

The woman with crocidile jaws for legs! WTF!

Niles2183d ago

What about when his weeny gets chopped off :P. That is the second most disgusting thing I have seen since I heard the tale of the cannibals who feasted in germany...

JellyJelly2183d ago

I've got that on dvd. Great movie :)

zerocrossing2183d ago

TGP was absurdly over the top, talk about WTF moments, lol.

J86blum2182d ago

You win for best movie drop of the year, love T.G.P

WetN00dle692182d ago

I prefer Machine Girl though.

STONEY42182d ago

For amyone who has seen that d**k cannon video on Youtube of TGP, that is actually my video I uploaded :O so blame your disgustedness on me, lol.

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Zeixama2182d ago

Ryuhei Kitamura is underrated director , his Versus and Azumi and Sky High movies have choreographically beautiful action and katana swinging scenes . He should be action consultant for next Devil May Cry video game . His Azumi movie can be transformed into a good hack and slash video game like Kunoichi and Heavenly Sword . Did I mention that he and Hideo Kojima are close friends ?

rdgneoz32182d ago

I loved his movie Azumi. Haven't seen Sky High though, I'll have to find it some time.


The new comer will bullied just like a new student in high school.Good luck going against God Of War.

SilentNegotiator2182d ago

GOW, NG, and DMC's worst nightmare....a game that probably isn't even being made!!


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Niles2183d ago

Rising should have a zombie mode...Ahhhh...Now am dreaming too much...

rezzah2182d ago

zombies are a overrated fad.

Next up?

Pick from vampires or werewolves

dredgewalker2182d ago

Right now I'd stick with zombies. Vamps and Werewolves image where destroyed with Twilight. Now if they ever make emo-zombies then the last resort should be chupacabras :)

Ser2182d ago

I'm waiting on dinosaurs to come back. Zombies, werewolves, and vampires have all had their time.

Tapewurm2182d ago

"zombies are a overrated fad"
Since we are on the correction of grammar bandwagon today.... :) The above should read--> "Zombies are an overated fad."

CoLD FiRE2182d ago


It's "overrated" not "overated".

rezzah2181d ago

@ tapeworm

I'll learn to fix my grammar if you learn how to spell.


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256bit2183d ago

this film was alright. if your expecting lots of slashing and killing. its not really alot but its still a pretty good indy flick.

KonaBro2183d ago

is definitely one of my top 10 favorite films of all time. Such a great movie. A game would make me scream like a girl.

user83971442183d ago

God of War have no contenders.

Jocosta2183d ago

Thats God of War "has" no contenders.

Biggest2183d ago

Thats is actually "That's".

UnSelf2182d ago

It should be "Thats" is actually That's.

newn4gguy2182d ago

It should be "Thats" is actually "That's".

How many times can a group of human beings fail?

Smok1n_Ace2182d ago

Aww man, you guys are too much. Lmao.

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Niles2182d ago

God of War needs to reinvet itself as well...I WILL GET BASHED but 3 was just a rehash of the first two in a awesome engine...I think they could have done a lot with the gameplay and made it more epic than what it was...

newn4gguy2182d ago

More epic?

More epic than God of War 3? share what THING in this world has EVER been more epic than God of War 3!

The_Devil_Hunter2182d ago

Devil May Cry 3.....& Bayonetta