Valve: DRM is Backwards and Piracy is Just Not an Issue for Us

Speaking with Kotaku, Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell has slammed aggressive DRM and dismissed piracy as a non-issue.

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Pikajew2391d ago

If piracy is not an issue than why do users get banned if they have a pirated game?

psyxon2391d ago

I agree lol. I respect Valve, but I think a lot of what Newell says is jutt off the top of his head BS.

Voxelman2391d ago

more like he is not actually involved in writing TOS or the day to day running of Steam. He runs Valve for fun I doubt he worries about anything other than making games, not have to go to stores or put in discs to play games and making it easier to see what indies are doing so he can find new people to hire. He is a big picture man.


Am I the only one who thinks Valve is trying to pick a fight with pirates and hackers.

Trust me Gabe the lawst thing you want is for those A holes of LOLSEC to come down on steam.

MAJ0R2391d ago

how do they find out u have pirated a game from Steam?

ECM0NEY2391d ago

They track your net activety and scan your files. Origin will do the samething.

The Meerkat2391d ago

"They track your net activety and scan your files. Origin will do the samething."


If that's the case then i think i'd rather pirate.

NuclearDuke2391d ago

They have a database of the available CD-Keys for Steam Purchased products. They cannot scan your entire PC or your net activity - They can see the changes made to your .exe files in your Steamapps folder to prevent hacking or modifying your game.

@ECM0NEY: You are clueless.

dangert122391d ago

I believe he believes its not so much an issue because steam tend to give the people want they want and in that sense they are rewarded back with lower piracy rates which sort of makes sense as i will support people like vavle but then i have not a single ubisoft game since GRAW 2 and that was console the publishers having the post problems with DRM and piracy are the ones who push it the most like why the hell would i pay full price for a game i can only play connected to the internet lol

hadriker2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I'm assuming you didn't read the article. take for instance, this quote

“This belief that you increase your monetization by making your game worth less through aggressive digital rights management is totally backwards."

He thinks overly aggressive DRM is actually a detriment to sales,because consumers don't want to have to deal with it, (look at the whole From Dust debacle for instance).

Steam in itself is a form of DRM, but its wrapped in a piece of software that its users like and don't find intrusive, so it works.

He isn't condoning piracy.

AdmiralSnake2391d ago

^^ Best Comment on this article.

ATi_Elite2391d ago

No one knows more about Piracy than Valve. Remember their whole Source Code and Half Life 2 was stolen but thanks in part to a dedicated PC community they got it back and found the Ass Clown that did it.

Gabe is correct when he says “I think [publishers with strict DRM] will sell less of their products and create more problems.”

Always on the Internet is a turn off to some gamers, limited installs is a turn off to some gamers, GFWL is a turn off to ALL gamers etc.. DRM is only a deterrent to legitimate customers as ALL DRM is able to be "Cracked".

Valve follows a simple formula......Non-intrusive DRM and they make quality games that they constantly improve over time with patches and support. Valve's games ALL sell very well on the PC which is why I see Gabe saying Piracy is a non-issue with Valve.

if you make a good game people will buy it!!

kcuthbertson2391d ago

I don't know how you have disagree's ATi, everything you said makes perfect sense.

Valve is top notch in my book.

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Corrwin2391d ago

Says one thing, does another.

Why can't I play all my Singleplayer-only games in Offline mode?

Perjoss2391d ago

Its fine when Valve do it with Steam, but when Blizzard announced Diablo 3 being online only people screamed.

hadriker2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I can why can't you?

IF you want to play offline you DO have to sign in first and "store your account info" on your pc. it is a form of drm but its not technically always on drm.

Pro_TactX2391d ago

Why can't you? I can play my SP games just fine in offline mode.

Corrwin2391d ago

Not all SP games - some are restricted by developer or publisher.

Still a form of DRM.

Bolts2391d ago

What he meant to say is that piracy isn't an issue for Valve because of Steam's DRM.

In short Steam's DRM > Your DRM

The difference being that a large population of PC gamers openly embrace Steam's DRM like it's their best friend while viewing "other" DRMs as corporate approved viruses.

Seferoth752391d ago

If I buy soemthing on Steam today and 5 years down the road I want to play it again I simple download it. Some DRMs only allow for 3-5 isntalls before you need to buy again. Those are the kinds I try to avoid.
Requiring online really isnt an issue for me because I have had internet for the past 12 years or more. Not like I am suddenly going to lose it for good.

NuclearDuke2391d ago

With steam, you can play offline singleplayer, offline. The option has been there for several years. There is only "DRM" on multiplayer games because they use Steamworks as a tool to connect you with friends/communities.

What communities/friends does Ubisofts DRM support you with? Nothing. Just unstable servers. I've hardly experienced Steam downtime during the time i've used it, so how much DRM is there actually.

ZeroChaos2391d ago

I think the difference is, is that Valve is unlike anyother developer where they know they can take the risks where other companies can't.

Setting prescent on the PC like what Valve does means a big loss in money.

opinska2391d ago

yet they have tons of money...

kcuthbertson2391d ago

It's because of how they treat their customers...

They're business model is crazy, yet somehow it works perfectly for them.

Pandamobile2391d ago

Are you trying to say that Valve is less profitable because of their focus on PC?

Are you forgetting that Valve is worth billions because of Steam alone?

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