No HUD in Metro: Last Light

Check why developers of Metro: Last Light want to remove HUD from the screen.

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callahan092395d ago

The HUDless thing in 2033 was pretty cool and stylish and lent itself well to the game's great graphics, but it definitely made the game much more difficult, and it was a tough game for me. That game destroyed me!

Quagmire2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

I swear to god, if they go the same route as Dragon AGe 2 and Dead Space 2 by making it easier, mainstream and more action packed, im gonna be severly pissed.

I LOVED how difficult the first game was, where you were REQUIRED to use smart stealth, and not just guns blazing. The implementation of unnecessary MP has me worried, though.

MidnytRain2394d ago

Didn't they just say that there'd be no HUD? How is that going mainstream?

Quagmire2394d ago

Did you watch the gameplay trailers? They added a freaking mini-gun

JsonHenry2395d ago

I didn't think the first game was all that difficult without a HUD.

floetry1012395d ago

In all honesty I had to pull up the PC version just to realise that it was HUDless. Truly a great feat.

pennywhyz2395d ago

i just baught this game for 5$ off steam loving it so