It's Official: MLG Opens Battlefield 3 Team Registration

DICE has just announced that Major League Gaming is accepting Battlefield 3 team applications.

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TheBeast2241d ago

If I entered, everyone would win but me...

Criminal2241d ago

I can't enter, I'm overqualified.

Mister_V2241d ago

None of you can enter. This is my game.

Hufandpuf2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

The game types might just be TDM and Squad Rush.

NuclearDuke2241d ago

I don't get it. DICE doesn't support competitive gaming - neither does their publisher. There is no point in having competitive Battlefield 3 at MLG.

Criminal2241d ago

It's what I thought too, but they did announce it. It's weird.

DeadlyFire2241d ago

I like competitive gaming. I say bring it on.

DeadlyFire2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

Here is the link if your looking for it. Its gamebattles/MLG site not MLG Pro just yet. Although maybe. MLG though doesn't have large PC base.