CNN: New iPad joystick promises more precise gaming actions

Doug Gross of CNN writes: "Need proof that the iPad and other tablets are geared toward playing games? Now they've got their own joystick."

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MasFlowKiller2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

"Now", Cnn knows nothing, lol
touch screen joystick have been here for a while, only and is there really a audience looking for that in a tablet?
cause it just doesn't compare

Shackdaddy8362547d ago

I think there is an audience looking for ipads. I know, at least at my University, there are at least 3 people in every one of my classes writing notes with one. It seems pretty cool to use one imo. But that's just me...

dark-hollow2546d ago

There is a big audience of iPad owners, but how many of them care about this useless pos!?

Rocket Sauce2546d ago

I'd never pay $20 for a piece of plastic, but if this thing actually works it could be really good for emulators.

Hufandpuf2546d ago

I have one for college.

crxss2546d ago

tablets really need shoulder buttons... as dumb as that sounds they really do, of course they'd have to be ergonomical. really disappointed that the Sony Tablet S, which has PS games on it, doesn't have shoulder buttons but instead RL12 are on the touch screen... especially with the S's design they could have EASILY made shoulder buttons but no.

the day that Sony, Apple, or Microsoft makes a tablet with buttons on the back is the day i'll get one. otherwise the iPad and other tablets are just an blown up iPhones and other smartphones which i have now so there's no point.

bakasora2545d ago

Crap, I was expecting some sort of a bluetooth small controller.

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Cablephish2547d ago

I'm not gonna lie, that is pretty creative.

fluffydelusions2546d ago

It looks like a tumor growing off an iPad.

dredgewalker2546d ago

The design looks like it'll break with all that flexing. If they're also gonna add another accessory for the buttons then the ipad's gonna look ugly and unnatural. In the end you're just spending more for accesories including the ipad for mediocre games.

Axecution2546d ago

"More casual titles like "Cut the Rope" and "Fruit Ninjas" are nowhere to be seen, a likely nod to the fact that many of those games require swiping at multiple spots instead of being focused largely in one place."

Lmao no shit

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