Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Beta Is Now Live writes: Tripwire Interactive have just announced that the Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad beta is live right now for those who pre-ordered the deluxe edition.

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ATi_Elite2335d ago

and i didn't get in it Got Dammit! :(

No big deal i can wait 2 more weeks.

hellerphant2335d ago

Why not? Anyone who purchases the Digital Deluxe version from now until release gets instant access to the beta.

ATi_Elite2335d ago

I pre ordered RO2 a long time ago when it was $29 bucks.

That extra $15 bucks saved went towards Nuclear Dawn.

I would of liked to have gotten in the Beta but $29 is better than paying $45 or $49 on Steam.

Pjuice2335d ago

i paid 37 on steam for dd version...... green man gaming had it for 33 and 27 for reg.

evrfighter2335d ago

paid $34 for the greenmangaming version and activated it on steam. Just finished downloading beta

Solid_Snake-2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

i tolds yas all pre orders get access to the beta.

anyway im just installing.

EDIT: i paid £23 for the deluxe edition off steam got my 20% off for being a RO1 owner.

bumnut2335d ago

Guys, is this any good? I have been looking at some gameplay footage and it looks average to me.

Not sure if I should buy it or just wait for BF3.

hellerphant2335d ago

It's a totally different experience to BF3 (which I played at E3).

This is a realistic approach - no HUD, no cross-hairs, one shot can kill you, you can bleed out. Driving in a tank for instance you can only see out of the little window while driving, or the gunnery port when manning a machine gun.

If you're after a realism game this will be right up your ally.

ATi_Elite2335d ago

This game is all about skills and it takes a realistic approach to the WWII shooter.

There nothing casual or arcade about it. You feel like your in the war as the game play is intense.

It's very challenging but also very very fun and competitive.

bumnut2335d ago

Is it as hardcore as Arma 2? I tried to like Arma but it was a little too much for me.

If this sits somewhere between Arma and BF3 I would be interested.