Square Enix's huge TGS 2011 lineup

Square Enix is bringing a ton of content to this year's TGS, as well as titles from partners such as RAGE, Assassin's Creed Revelations, and much more.

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tiffac0082334d ago

Yup no FFXIIIVs this year on TGS ;_;

iXenon2334d ago

That was already announced not to make an appearance.

But Chaos Rings II will be there, HELL YEAH!

Torkith2334d ago

O_O When was that said?! Now I am disappoint.

blitz06232334d ago

After all the BS Square has done over the past years I'm not even psyched with Versus

guitarded772334d ago

Without a showing of XIII Versus, Square can kiss my ass... We have been patient for the past 5 (or however many) years and these douches still can't give us a real showing of the game. F-U Square... F-U in the F'n A (sorry for the abbreviations mods take my bubs if I cuss). Oh, no showing of XIII Versus, but you'll give us XIII-2 instead... thanks, but no thanks. Sorry... I had to let it out. I've been playing FF since the NES and IMO this gen has been the worst for the series. I had hoped Versus would make up for it, but still I wait.

smashman982334d ago

its smart maketing dont take offense to them not showing it theyre releasing 13 -2 this year and dont want to overshadow it with 13 versus

thats akll you can count on a game play demo on their conference in january

_Aarix_2333d ago

cant wait for chaos rings 2

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DaTruth2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

They're treating the first-born heir to the throne like he's the red-headed step-child!

BubbleSniper2334d ago

wake me up when they have FFVS XIII to show... now I have a feeling it'll be shown @E3 2012 and might be multiplat announcement. dont want to see that but it seems if this isnt vaporware then that is where things are headed. too much time without showing much of anything and everyone is quiet... working on 360 ver too, now???

tiffac0082334d ago

I have the same gut feeling that could be the case. I won't let it pass Wada to do so.

Delays... delays... ;_;

ApexHell2334d ago

there is 1 rule with square enix now if a game is delayed multiple times its going multiplat.

considering the financial losses they have had no way in hell its not going multiplat lol they need to recoup losses with sales.

slaton242334d ago Show
smashman982334d ago

you cant delay what hasnt been given a release date

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ReservoirDog3162334d ago

They won't show FFvsXIII at TGS (unless it's an annoyingly short**** trailer) cause it'll take allllll of XIII-2 and Type 0's hype away.

Who would care for XIII-2 if they blow the doors off of TGS with vsXIII? They're not about to shoot themselves in the foot.

I'd bet at E3 they'll give a holiday 2012/early 2013 release for it though.

It just makes the most sense.

latinalover2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

kingdom hearts (Kingdom Hearts 3D0

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iXenon2334d ago

Why the hell is MW3 listed?

evercast2334d ago

They Publish it in Japan.

therhythm final fantasy.. can't wait to see that in action.. hope it actually comes to the states.

Evildoomnerd2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Sometimes different publishers are used to release games in Asian regions. For example, Grand Theft Auto franchise is localized and published by Capcom for Asian territories.

Edit: Evercast beat me to it.

Aither2334d ago

MW3 What!? Holy crap what is that about? Cloud am confirmed to replace Ghost! Maybe the new weapon will consist of a keyblade and the AC130 will be replaced by an Ultima.

Knights of the Round vs. Choppers now that is what was needed in a MW game. At least they are changing things up a bit. LoL

ApexHell2334d ago

you now get kill streak summon/spell rewards :D 25 kill streaks summon a meteor to fall from space doing a 1 minute cinematic taking out satelites and the sr71

Tuxedo_Mask2334d ago

As much as I'd like to hear more about FFvsXIII has anyone noticed that another big SE title hasn't been heard from either? Dragon Quest X if you were wondering.

Spenok2334d ago

Maybe (Hopefully) either will have a surprise reveal. :/

trenso12334d ago

Kingdom hearts 3D:DDD :Dcant wait to see footage of that

user8586212334d ago

So pumped to see where the story goes!!

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