How to Download Your Free NES Games from the Ambassador Program

It may not be September 1st yet but Nintendo has published the list of 10 NES Games (confirmed for American Users too!) instructions on how Ambassador Members can redeem there games. For those users who planned to download all 10 NES Games, might have to do some waiting a couple of times. You’ll see what I mean after reading the instructions after the break.

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lashes2ashes2459d ago

just tried does not work.

azizmb2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

It's not September 1st yet.

Edit: Some North American users are reporting that they're getting the games already while others are not. I will check to see if I am and confirm later.

azizmb2458d ago

Alright, Nintendo just confirmed that North American Ambassadors can get their games, this is now valid.

AWBrawler2458d ago

wonky system they have, but nice game selection. they should add a new section to eshop instead