Gears of War 3 'Season Pass' FAQ and Facts

Microsoft sent Xbox 360 gamers crazy yesterday when they revealed the Season Pass for Gears of War 3, a fantastic initiative that gives you four DLC packs for the same price some other publishers are charging you for one.

'Season Pass' will set you back 2400 MS Points, which works out to roughly $28 AUD. Those points will also get you an exclusive Liquid Metal Weapon, while also saving you a supposed 33 per cent over paying for each DLC pack individually.

But what exactly is the Season Pass? What will we be getting with our money and is what seems to be such an amazing deal really worthy all the fuss?

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topgun332333d ago

How can you give 3 approvals to a false article linking to a pic of gears chainsaw? This is really lame

topgun332333d ago

When you click the link, there is no info but a picture of a gears chainsaw.

topgun332333d ago

Looks like they fixed the link

BX812333d ago

Sign me up, I'm down.