Inaba: “No Bayonetta 2 Announcement this Week"

With all of the good announcements being revealed at this week’s Famitsu magazine, a lot of us are assuming and maybe hoping that Bayonetta 2 will be announced.

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ATi_Elite2513d ago

We pretty much already know a sequel is being made.

if they wanna announce something that will get me excited then announce a hard set release date!

BigDollarZoe9542513d ago

Can't wait to hear something at least loved the first one

SilverSlug2513d ago

They already said this was not true and that he jokes 99.9% of the time on twitter.

Michael-Jackson2513d ago

According to Andriasang, Kamiya is known for trolling.


dredgewalker2513d ago

Is his trolling as bad as Studio Gainax trolling? My daughter's a big Bayonetta fan and she's been bugging me asking when a sequel is coming out.

Skate-AK2513d ago

Hopefully the PS3 version wont be noticeably visually worse than the 360 this time.