Madden 12 Review - Best Football Game Ever Made Congrats To EA, Says HipHopGamer

Madden has made history how you may ask? well Presentation, Graphics, Gameplay, Features has all been paid attention to for this years Madden and it shows.

For the first time in a long long time EA took their time and gave us a football game we were all once dreaming about that now has become a reality.

Now on store shelves the football season has started go get your copy ASAP, CHECK OUT THE REVIEW

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Hitman07691966d ago

Wow EA must have really outdone themselves to be garnering praise from so many real gamers out there!!!

CrzyFooL1966d ago

Nah, NFL 2k2 on Dreamcast was the best ever

NoobJobz1966d ago

I was a big NFL 2k1 fan. Never got around to 2k2. I'm sure it was just as good if not better.

9thGenHero1966d ago

Damn, now it's gonna be even harder to pull my friends and fam away from this game LOL

badboy74281966d ago

NFL 2K13 is almost here Madden's Contract is up!!!!