IGN - The Future of World of Warcraft

IGN - Blizzard's ever-popular MMO has been in the news for a few reasons recently. First, because subscriptions have been dropping ever so slightly, though still staying above the 11 million mark. Second, because at Gamescom 2011 Blizzard talked about upcoming changes to World of Warcraft, including the Deathwing raid encounter, armor transmogrification and the void bank. The goal for this content patch to give players new things to do after churning through what 4.2 had to offer, presumably lasting up to the release of the next expansion pack, which hasn't actually been announced yet. Game director Tom Chilton and art director Chris Robinson explain more.

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don't believe ill ever get back into world of warcraft even if it does become a f2p game.

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It's spelled "ignorant." Way to be a criminal of your own accusation.

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