Pheromone Shooter Gal Gun Comes to PS3 with Move Support

Andriasang: Another major Xbox 360 exclusive is making the move to PlayStation 3. Famitsu has first word this week on a PS3 version of Gal Gun, the first person shooting game where you blast schoolgirls with your pheromone shot.

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Godmars2902394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

At the very least, I hope its a DL title.

[email protected]:
Didn't Sega and the Yakuza makers say that the series was staying on Playstation?

units2394d ago

pull your head out of sony ass andriasang

golsilva2394d ago

wow a lot of big news from just one source
whats been leaked so far

persona 4 golden for vita
persona 4 fighting game for ps3/360/arcade
yakuza 5 - no platform given
new yakuza psp game for psp
possibly fatal frame for 3ds or different game from same dev
pheremone shooter girl for ps3 with move support
gust developing for vita
ni no kuni gets hardware bundle with ps3
plus a 39/40 for tales of xilia

KingSlayer2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

That Ni No Kuni bundle is going to explode in Japan. Damn I want one!

dangert122394d ago

It makes no sense for them to put yakuza on the 360 only xbox owners have missed every single yakuza game why would you put number 5 at their door step? lol and take it away from the ps3 which owns japan and is known to sell on that console? makes no sense at all

DFresh2394d ago

The expression of the girls in this game is just hilarious and the mixture of PS Move makes it even more sexually suggestive.
This is not an insult to the game just think about the joke.

earbus2394d ago

Should mean a great deal to two people around the world massive exclusive lmao.