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Persona 5 teased in Famitsu

Gematsu: "Accompanying the company’s pair of Persona 4 announcements in this week’s Famitsu, Atlus director Katsura Hashino teased Persona 5." (Persona 5, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Vegivo  +   1205d ago
Next gen Persona game FINALLY! :D
Jack_DangerousIy  +   1205d ago
Just that picture.... Ahhh...

VileAndVicious  +   1205d ago
Well its about DAMN time atlus!!
Cant wait for actual gameplay info.
Skateboard  +   1205d ago
It's good they took there time with it
Kevin McCallister  +   1205d ago
Awesome news. Cant wait for more info.
Rage_S90  +   1205d ago
TGS maybe?
Dagobert  +   1205d ago
tiffac008  +   1205d ago
Just knowing the development is underway for the next installment makes me happy. :D
TheDivine  +   1205d ago
YES! Catherine, persona 3 portable, and now this! Bring persona 4 to vita and il be happy for years.
Whitefox789  +   1205d ago
uhh Persona 4 is coming to Vita
Pesona 4: The Golden

Their also making 2D fighter with characters from P3 and P4 being developed by the team behind Blazblue
TheDivine  +   1205d ago
Yea just saw it thats crazy. Vita day 1 for me now.
Whitefox789  +   1205d ago
Well they said they've been working on it since P4 so I have really big expectations for this game to be incredibly awesome.
jfinesse  +   1205d ago
Persona 4 on Vita. Oh hell yeah!!! Persona 3 is still one of my favorite Psp games so I'm all in. Vita is a day 1 purchaase and since its region free I might import one.
tarbis  +   1205d ago
I hope they bring it to PS3 and PSV with transfarring system =D
Oops, trasfarring is for Kojima only. It should be cloud or PS3 and PSV interchangeable saves. =P
Inception  +   1205d ago
a lot of great news eh?!
P4P, Persona fighting game, and P5
gotta have 'em all!!!
Pyscho_Mantis  +   1204d ago

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