New Fatal Frame revealed for 3DS?

A new Fatal Frame title seems to have been announced for 3DS in Famitsu.

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Wolfie2241d ago

Fatal Frame would be a perfect title for Vita too

NukaCola2241d ago

Vita can do SmartAR tech. It would be some scary stuff to use the Vita as a camera and walk around the house looking for Ghosts.

r212241d ago

im scared and excited about this idea....

BubbleSniper2241d ago

i dont understand why the people behind FF keep ignoring Sony platforms this gen... wtf?

Inception2241d ago

Some rumor said that Nintendo already bought FF license from Tecmo. And maybe that's why we never see FF 4 or other FF on sony's console again -_-

Stealth2k2241d ago

leave the fanboy shit at the door. this has nothing to do with vita

Goozex2241d ago

ExActly what I was thinking. Heck, at least the ports with trophies.

Infernostew2241d ago

Another game NoA will screw fans of the series over with. Great!

BubbleSniper2241d ago

Nintendo dont deserve this game in my honest opinion. i dont need to tell you why, either

DuncesOfWur2241d ago

Great idea!

Shame it won't be released outside japan though. Just being realistic.

tiffac0082241d ago

How about releasing the one from the Wii first... come on Ninty!

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The story is too old to be commented.