Top 10 Best Video Game Spinoffs

Video Game spinoffs aren't actually as common as you might think. Sure, games have tons of sequels, but those don't really count, and mashups like Marvel vs. Capcom or Super Smash Bros. are in a category of their own. To be a spinoff, a game has to be totally separate from the main series, with a totally separate story or set of mechanics that is still somehow related to the original line. Since the majority of the game-playing populace out there reacts negatively when their favorite franchise's formula is altered, most of these games fail. However, there are still some spinoff gems out there that have gone down as great games in their own right.

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CrimsonEngage2511d ago

Battlefield: Bad Company is also a great spin-off series.

EcoSos32511d ago

Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 are good spin-off too.

NukaCola2511d ago

I kind of had an addiction to Pokemon SNAP! when I was a kid.

I am totally shocked that they didnt say World of Warcraft. This little spin of is probably the biggest one of them all.

dangert122511d ago

those disgaea prinny platformers

Relientk772511d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics was amazing

theres some pretty good titles on this list

Venox20082511d ago

Dragon quest: rocket slime series