Cliffy B Claims Gears 3 DLC Will Be 'More Than Just Multi-PlayerMaps'

In a recent Twitter Post, Gears of War 3 lead designer Cliff Bleszinski revealed that the games DLC pass will include content other than just MP maps.

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thrasherv32516d ago

It looks like the DLCs will be a mix of everything.!/Gears...

FACTUAL evidence2516d ago

I like how DLC is announced before the release of games.../s

It's cool to have dlc sometimes, but I personally think it has to die...It's ruining the full experience devs can actually take the time to put on disc.

MSpence5162516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

In this day and age of online gaming, I think it is safe to say whether or not the developer mentions DLC, you know it is coming. I like the thought of DLC coming 60 days or even 45 days after release. It keeps the game fresh(as long as they don't over price it like COD).

As far as the "time to put on disc" thing. It helps a game like Gears due to its Campaign focus. The 4 or 5 maps they cut and release later take up space on the already limited DVD. Space that can be used to make the campaign longer and better.

[email protected] read that and completely missed your /s....apologies

blumatt2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

I don't like dlc being announced before a game is being released either, BUT I do like the fact that they're going to release something other than just maps. I'd like to see Call of Duty start releasing single player and co-op dlc, and not just map packs.

gamingdroid2516d ago

It's not secret DLC is all planned in advanced, budgeted in and during development, hooks are created to add this additional content later.

Does this surprise anyone? Does it make a difference if the developer announce it later?

In fact, I have never heard anyone in any other industry say, ghee I wish the designer hadn't planned for the extra stuff, so he could have planned to include it all in the original package.

antz11042516d ago

Hey, I'm not going to b%tch if the developer says they're going to continue to support the game after its released. More campaign could be a good thing.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32515d ago

I think dlc keeps the game relevant until the next game comes out.

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otherZinc2516d ago

Thanks Cliff, I was going to buy all dlc of Gears, Epic has earned that much with Gears! It fells good you & Epic are going the extra mile for the faithful; count me in for 2 copies for the co-op!

Swiggins2516d ago

Campaign DLC?!

Count me in! =D

gamingdroid2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

I think I might splurge as well. I don't generally buy skins, but the skin included with the season pass looks pretty sick:

It's like Terminator liquid metal gun.

bitboi2516d ago

about effin time! Tired of all the multiplayer packs and additional guns! DLC is not just about that developers!

Brownghost2516d ago

im gonna wait for the goty that has everything

Brownghost2516d ago

i can wait the online will still be popular when it comes out

ginsunuva2516d ago will be skins too! And hats, don't forget the expensive hats.