Interview: Liz from The Tester Season 3 writes "I had a chance to talk with Liz Potter, a contestant in The Tester Season 3 where one lucky person will have the chance to work for Sony Computer Entertainment America as a Video Game Tester."

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Hitman07692333d ago

Liz plays Warhawk !!! She's got my vote!!!

BubbleSniper2333d ago

i have no problem with this chick but i am sick of that emo hairdo... giant dome on the top and thin at the bottom? that looks like a critter or something.

WoshJills2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Her hair fell out due to radiation therapy.

Yo Mama2333d ago

Why the hell is some random website promoting her? Sounds like she may be the gf of someone from that site.

Oh well, I'm not voting for her.

Blacktric2333d ago

You look like a pedophile anyway. And an organ donor from Hawaii.

Xenial2333d ago

funneh bubble? xD lol

WoshJills2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

She's a beast.

lizlaceration2332d ago

Well, my hair fell out because I've been sick for a very long time and had to undergo radiation therapy. You do what you can after something like that happens, Bubble.

And I'm no one's girlfriend on that site. They just know me and I've been a follower of their website.