Rise Of Nightmares Gameplay Leaked From Pax

Want to experience a new type of Horror Game? Check out over 7 minutes of Leaked Game Play for Rise of Nightmares from the floor at Pax Prime 2011.

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Ravens202431d ago

Why would anyone want to play a game using the kinect?

Shadonic2431d ago

because they like the games

dkgshiz2431d ago

Hmm, looks like a lot of lost time and effort that could have gone to a great Condemned sequel.

ARBitrator2431d ago

Funny I was thinking the same thing about your comment.

Bigpappy2431d ago

I am getting this over Gunstringer. Gunstringer does feel like a puppet game and I am not really enjoying that type of gameplay. This on the other hand is in your face action. It is also the first motion game of its kind.

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