The New Femsheps Got Freckles

Pixels or Death's Mike Potts writes:

"A few weeks ago Bioware announced a Facebook based poll on the design of Mass Effect 3′s default Femshep model. The vote pitted blonde vs brunette vs redhead in several assorted face styles, and for a while blonde seemed to have the upper hand. Well the results are in and we’ve got ourselves a new Femshep."

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Persistantthug2426d ago ShowReplies(1)
Kyosuke_Sanada2426d ago

The picture feels like a a very far future descendant of Meryl Silverburgh for some strange reason. XD

GamingManiac2426d ago

What's the problem? She's hot!!! Something about red heads that attracts me, probably the missing soul lol

arjman2426d ago

Another hole for the goal I guess

Fishy Fingers2426d ago

Femshep seems to get more coverage than the actual game.

Shmotz2426d ago

Why do people care how she looks so much?

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