Your Favorite Developer's Worst Titles

Benjamin Yoder on gamrFeed writes: "While they may not as recognized as they should be for their work, at the very least gamers around the world know the name of the teams behind the biggest hits of this generation. Just knowing a title is developed by BioWare or Naughty Dog instantly develops interest for those of us who stay on top of the gaming world. Despite their many successes, occasionally they have one title that just doesn't go as planned. It may be far from the worst game of all time, but considering the standards of the studio, the title came to be a bit lackluster. We look at some of the less fruitful releases from some of our most beloved developers."

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MaxOpower2431d ago

I love Insomniac, properly my number 1 developer. But so far the Resistant games has been kind of a let down.

Not that they are bad, just not nearly as good as the Spyro and R&C games.

Really op R3 will be good.

TheColbertinator2431d ago

Level 5 really disappointed me with White Knight Chronicles.

bioware let me down with Dragon Age II

Kran2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Valve and........ um....

EDIT: My point is, Valve rarely make a bad game.

ATi_Elite2431d ago

Valve worse game was......Hey wait that's an Oxymoron cause Valve and worse game DO NOT go together!

My other favorite developer GSC Game World didn't have a bad game either!

MintBerryCrunch2431d ago


now that is a company that makes you just feel sad after all the great games they made in the past

Kyosuke_Sanada2431d ago

JapanStudio with Genji: Days Of The Blade, that title had so much potential but the many looming mistakes really are unforgivable.

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The story is too old to be commented.