Remembering a Legend

"Remember the Sega Saturn? Chances are you probably do not have a great recollection of this fifth generation console. Perhaps things could have been a little different though. I mean, It had some tough acts to go up against like the Nintendo 64 and Playstation, but I think with one simple factor the Sega Saturn could have kept up with the big boys."

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Sidology2366d ago

I still have my Saturn. Nights into Dreams is still one of the greatest games ever.

Moduserous2366d ago

Can I get some Virtua Tennis up in here?

pondaboba2366d ago

That was on the Dreamcast....

Moduserous2366d ago

<turns red with embarrassment>

meganick2366d ago

A legend the Saturn is not.

RoboSpiff2366d ago

pretty sure you missed the entire theme of the article. Its not actually about the system itself.

meganick2366d ago

I didn't read the article. So sue me.

pondaboba2365d ago

Yeah seriously. What a dumb shit.

meganick2365d ago

Why comment asking why I commented?

Roper3162366d ago

I still have my Saturn in storage with my other old consoles. I loved a game called Lunacy that was on the Saturn and it is also the console I originally played my all time favorite game the original Tomb Raider. The only thing I didn't like about it was the cases the games came in, they were just to big & gawky for my tastes.

RoboSpiff2366d ago

the cases were pretty huge.

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The story is too old to be commented.