8 Minutes of Pure Starhawk Multiplayer Gameplay

Dualshock Nexus: Starhawk is definitely shaping up to be one of the best multiplayer games I have played on the PlayStation 3. This eight minutes of pure Starhawk gameplay shows off some pretty awesome features for the multiplayer aspect of the game.

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flavorbabies2431d ago

This is what battlefront wishes it could be.

waltyftm2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )


Treezy5042431d ago

This game is phenomenal!

Persistantthug2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

And where my PAX swag, son?


Istanbull2431d ago

Best multiplayer game of 2012!

pixelsword2431d ago

I don't know what's coming out yet, so I can't really agree; but I surely hope so, because Warhawk is still alive, and it's been out since 2007!

Warhawk is the PS3 version of Halo: CE

Treezy5042431d ago

Yep I can't wait to play this and Twisted Metal next year.

flavorbabies2431d ago

When playing the game I felt like it was coming out next month as opposed to next year. Very well done can't wait to see how awesome this will be in its final stages.

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The story is too old to be commented.