Twister Mania For Kinect Announced

TGH Writes: “It’s hard to think of a more popular, cherished and culturally significant board game than Twister,” says the CEO of Majesco Entertainment, Jesse Sutton. Not many people with disagree either. Whether actually playing the game or just spectating, Twister is iconic for being a good time, and now Hasbro will be teaming up with Majesco Entertainment – a company focused on developing family friendly games – to bring Twister to Kinect for Xbox 360.

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ferelinstincts2365d ago

Twister Mania? Lol, sounds like quite a bit of drunken fun. :P

ShadyDevil2365d ago

Wait..this comes out in November? *goes and cancels Assassins Creed, Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Saints Row, MW3 preorders* ...for this. Yeah. I regret my actions...

kingdoms2365d ago

WTF are you talking about? Your name fits well. Is that trolling or a joke?

WhiteLightning2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Mate, with all your trollish comments you've said on here.

Don't call someone else a troll

The guy is obviously is being saracastic...and it's quite funny.

Trolls do know what laughter is, don't they ?

WhiteLightning2365d ago

Very mature kingdoms

Message me swearing and being an immature cry baby trying to convince me your NOT a troll, leave one last immature insulting message and then block me.

Wow....trolls eh

Full of surprizes

BlackTar1872365d ago

I may actually get this game it does seem like drunk fun.