Why Pre-Order Bonuses Are Getting Too Much

Are the wide range of bonuses on offer from different retailers through game pre-orders just becoming too much for consumers?

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TomInc2516d ago

I'm still stuck choosing where to go for Arkham City =/

thomasdoranbbz2515d ago

I think the Tesco one seems good. The Joker's Carnival Map looks really cool and I'd probably go for that over just a Batman costume since the normal costume is pretty nice anyway. That's just me though. I guess that a whole extra area of gameplay might be better than just a suit. What would you prefer?

Yi-Long2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

... on what the pre-order bonus will be for, and, and, etc...

Not even sure if I'll get it on day 1 though. So much DLC announced, which is pretty depressing.

Might wait for a GOTY, as usual, although it releases pretty much on my birthday, so I could just ask it as a gift.

Michael-Jackson2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

It's ridiculous that there's a lot of pre-order bonuses and store exclusives for Arkham City there's too many to keep track of and decide which one I should get.

I wanted the collectors but there's no steelbook so I pass on that.

There's 4 different Steelbooks and the one I'm trying to get is impossible to import because they don't deliver overseas.

noxeven2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Im just gonna wait for them all to be released as dlc that i can just buy

jdfoster2515d ago

yeah. Best way to do it.

Quagmire2515d ago

Better yet, GOTY edition with all DLC included for free

Pikajew2515d ago

I will wait for game of the year edition

teneightypeewee2515d ago

By doing this sort of stupid pre order bonus nonsense they're forcing people to look at other means of obtaining all the DLC if you catch my drift....

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