HD DVD Group: Why Paramount switched to HD DVD

European HD DVD spokesman Olivier Van Wynendaele has spoken out in defence of Paramount studio. Wynendaele says Paramount did not drop Blu-ray support in favor of HD DVD for the money (a reputed $150 million,) but because HD DVD has certain key features that simply works better.

Wynendaele disclosed what he had discussed with Paramount's chief technology officer Alan Bell and what Bell had told him. Wynendaele explained why HD DVD works better than Blu-ray in certain key features.

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marinelife93927d ago

If it was because of the features and not the money then why is the deal only for 18 months?

marinelife93927d ago

I'm not sure how Toshiba is able to fund this format war. $99 dollar players. Paying off studios. And still being outsold 2 to 1. I'm glad I don't own stock in them.

gamesR4fun3927d ago

what a load typical tho thinks the worlds stupid enough to swallow this bs.

sonarus3926d ago

lol. the real reason is the 150 million. You wreak of desperation 99 dollar players. jst let it go and try again nxt yr.

Joecrazy3926d ago

HAHAHA they didn't do it for money HAHAHA

emaddox843926d ago

Yeah, and I go to Hooters for the wings.

ruibing3926d ago

All their decision did is guarantee the format war to rage on for an extra 18 months. Well done Paramount, you officially screwed the consumers for 18 more months just because you got a bit overzealous and greedy.

marinelife93926d ago

I don't blame Paramount for taking the money. It was a smart move 150 million to stay with a very small market share for only 18 months until the market matures and you can go either direction? That was a great decision on Paramounts part.

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blacsheep3927d ago

we all know it why try to insult peoples intelligence!!you sold your soul end of story!

beavis4play3927d ago

round peg, do you actually believe that 150 million dollars had no effect?

ktchong3927d ago

You *assume* I agree with or even care about the report just because I submitted it.

I submit stories. I don't have to agree with them.

bym051d3927d ago

Like he'll ever admit it's the money. Obviously it's because the format is so far superior </sarcasm>

Zhuk3927d ago

There are many economical benefits for a company to go with HD DVD over Blu-Ray. I'm still on the fence as to which is better, but this should be acknowledged especially on a site that is flooded with so many Blu-Ray viral marketers

Meus Renaissance3927d ago

Blu-Ray viral marketing on N4G? I wonder what you'd call the influx of HD-DVD articles lately then, it's an invasion. We get two or three daily new ones here.

Sulphur Man3926d ago

Zhuk, the whole world is on the fence. Neither format has made any conceivable dent into DVD sales. They'll both hobble along for a couple more years and then IP delivery of HD content will be the winner.

People don't want another format cluttering up their shelves, they want portability and convenience, even if its at the cost of quality - look at the success of MP3. DVDs can be ripped and transcoded to suit whatever player you own or choose. HD-DVD and BR can't. Big, BIG disadvantage. Especially when a 500Gb hard drive costs $100 or less.

ruibing3926d ago

Economic advantages of making cheaper discs does not pay off when you end up selling less discs than other studios.

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