World First Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Report On PS3

NowGamer - Play has the world's first multiplayer hands-on of Modern Warfare 3 in their next issue.

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Convas2462d ago

"the real story of how Xbox shaped Uncharted: Drake's Fortune"

Err, what? That should be an interesting read.

gunnerforlife2462d ago

how can a console shape a game?? if they meant how a "certain" game on Xbox shaped uncharted:drakes fortune, than i would understand! but a console :/

bub162462d ago

who cares, people get to damn excited when new cod games get announced, it will just be like all the other cod games

moho-foe2462d ago

wow a story promoting a future story. wow the hype train is rolling

Jack_DangerousIy2462d ago



OT: Hey I'm not crazy about the COD series as a whole, but I do still play [email protected] occasionally. There are people who are just as excited for this as I am for Skyrim, Arkham Asylum, UC3, BATTLEFIELD THREE. So I don't really get all the hate for this game.

Now, I understand maybe not liking the business practice of certain publishers. But all that attacking the people who just want to play the game does is make you(to whom it may concern) look like a fool.

Just be cool.

Tachyon_Nova2461d ago

What does a hype train have to do with it? Do you my watch tv? Stations advertise theyre own shows all the time, and this is exactly the same because guess who owns nowgamer? The people who own Play magazine.

bub162462d ago


ok just the 8-14 yr olds who rnt even old enuf to play it. ( all of them )

now say sumin smart like. learn to type. can u spell

FunkMcnasty2461d ago


Jack_Dangerously: 1

bub16: 0


Jack_Dangerously: 1

bub16: 0


Jack_Dangerously: 1

bub16: 0

eak32461d ago

People dump on COD games a lot I notice, but their raging success speaks volumes. I personally find the Battlefield lineup better and more fun but with some 60+ million units sold why change up a good thing and risk pissing people off.

HOSe2462d ago


exsturminator012462d ago

Yeah, but is an expose a reveal or an investigation into why its not here yet? Seems like that'd be a big reveal if they were announcing it.

HOSe2462d ago

dont know - dont care, just happy to know timesplitters 4 will eventually come out.

now.... powerstone 3..... thats another story

Tachyon_Nova2461d ago

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said at gamescom this year that they would be announcing something in the next 3 or 4 weeks (so now the next 2 weeks). Stay tuned, it is likely either TS4 or Crysis on consoles.

Liquid_Ocelot2461d ago

Um.. excuse me? "Crysis on consoles", are you serious?
.."consoles can't handle Crysis." xDDD

Tachyon_Nova2461d ago

I don't know whether your living under a rock, but Crysis was rated in South Korea for Xbox 360 and PS3 not long ago. Why would they rate it if they didn't plan on releasing it for those consoles?

hiredhelp2461d ago

They would need to redo crysis 1 scale it down to evn think of it going on a console.
If they did manage that i want warhead too but it never happen.
I want timesplitters.

Me_My2461d ago

Or they can remake the old version into HD with achievements/trophies and revolutionize the online for them as well. I'd say see where that goes before making a Time Splitters 4.

Thedudehere2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Has anybody tried to play MW2 on ps3 lately? everytime i try it says updating ranks,fetching playlist,and connecting to server. And it won't load up multiplayer. black ops works resistence beta works and all other online games work.

Motorola2461d ago

Delete your MW2 file in the Game Data folder.

Ultra Gamer2461d ago

Snap your MW2 disc in half. That should do it.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2462d ago

Seriously how did this even get approved. It talks about nothing and it says the story is on the next issue of "Play" which i can only assume is a magezine.

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The story is too old to be commented.