Top 5 Multiplayer Releases of the Week

"Welcome to MP1st's Multiplayer Releases of the Week. Here, we will look at weekly releases of upcoming games of all platforms, including Xbox Live, the Playstation Network and iOS devices." - MP1st

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xtremexx2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Deathspank is soo funny and wierd, is it on PC?

looks like it is, im picking it up :D

TheBeast2240d ago

Meh, I tried the BodyCount demo and it felt like Bulletstorm, except worse...

Mister_V2240d ago

I never paid any attention to this game. I thought it was coming out next year cause any video I saw looked un-finished! Too much yellow, oddly enough.

ThrazN72240d ago

I don't care about graphics in a game that much but wow body count looks awefull. Played the demo and it's really crap