PAX Prime 2011: Kim Swift channels Portal, demoes Quantum Conundrum

The latest from Portal co-creator Kim Swift is a physics-based puzzler called Quantum Conundrum. So...kind of like Portal.

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illegalyouth2338d ago

Hmm...can the dimension-shifting mechanic alone propel this game forward? I'm doubtful. The portal gun was that game's gimmick, but the game also had some really memorable narrative qualities that really made it stand out.

Hopefully Quantum Conundrum won't rely entirely on the gimmick....

choadley2338d ago

You can be compared to worst things than Portal, but it sounds like the end product's setting and humor will be a different flavor from that game. Even if it is as good as Portal, making the comparison might create unrealistic expectations.

chrispy2338d ago

I agree. The poor developer now has to be known for Portal forever...and those are some lofty expectations now. Too much pressure, I say.

Tolkoto2338d ago

I like anything with the word Quantum in it.

NagaSotuva2338d ago

Is that the Death Star on the bottom picture?

r212338d ago

im looking forward to this unique game =D

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