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gamrReview writes:

"At the end of the day, Senseless Acts of Justice feels like a watered-down version of We Negotiate with Terrorists. Great innovation can’t really be expected in the middle of an episodic franchise, but some positive change would have been nice. Instead, the puzzles are simpler and the writing isn’t as amusing. There’s no real sense in skipping this one if you’ve played and enjoyed the original – after all, it is still fun in parts, and the story does continue – but if you have just been keeping an eye on the Badge of Carnage series, be wary of jumping in now."

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Machina-AX2541d ago

Good review, shame to hear it didn't live up to the humour of the first game.

BeardedGamerShow2541d ago

Well that's disappointing. Best get Puzzle Agent 2, then.

MisterPickles22541d ago

Ok, this settles it--Back to the Future games for me!

Duke_Silver2540d ago

that stinks, I was hoping this would be alright

swirldude2540d ago

So it rested on its laurels. Mistake!