PAX Prime 2011: Bullymongs, bandits, and badasses in Borderlands 2 (Bitmob)

It's early yet, but Borderlands 2 looks like it's got all the best parts of the original along with some fresh touches. Guess there still ain't no rest for the wicked.

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illegalyouth2366d ago

I cannot wait to dual-wield miniguns! And what's the crazy-awesome looking mech? I'll take one of those, too.

NagaSotuva2365d ago

Must convince the wife to play this with me, or I won't get to play it at all.

Tolkoto2365d ago

I wish I was at PAX so I could have gotten my free copy.

chrispy2365d ago

Stupid question, but is that really what the game looks like? I looks even more like a painting than Borderlands 1.... Anyone know from PAX?