Hawken - Gameplay Trailer [HD]

The first offiicial gameplay trailer of Hawken.

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RyuDrinksTheDew2425d ago

this game has such a cool look to it.

look like it play just as good as it looks.

Sarcasm2425d ago

It looks like Killzone 3 in the mech suit but faster pace. Interesting. This is for PC only right?

ATi_Elite2425d ago

Right now it's definitely coming to the PC. there was some word to a 360/PS3 release but so far i haven't heard any new info on that.

Spenok2424d ago

Agreed. It could just be the map however. Though this game looks pretty sweet. (and thats coming from someone who doesnt like mech's)

solar2424d ago

i love indie devs. this is looking promising!!!

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