Overall Console Score Rankings - From N64 to PS3

From Toasty Controller...

"- Must have at least 10 reviews on GameRankings.

I found 10 to be a suitable sample size. Some could say it's a small required amount, but I found it suitable when going through the oldest generation of consoles on this list.

- Must be console exclusive or have 3 or more months of timed release.

This is obviously going to be argued about in some way. Going through the list, there are several games that came out mainly a year or so on one console after it already debuted for a different console. The console with the original release of a game, by three months at the very least, will be added to the list for the respective console. Example: GTA San Andreas will be included in the PS2 Top 20, but not the Xbox Top 20, due too original release. Third party titles that were release for multiple consoles within 3 months of each other will not be including into any consoles Top 20, so games like Call of Duty, L.A Noire and so on will not be a factor in any score."


Apparently I botched the numbers a little. This is why I'm not an accountant.

PS2 - 92.67%
PS1 - 92.12%
N64 - 91.12%
DC - 90.64%
360 - 89.83% <<<
Xbox - 89.73%
PS3 - 89.73% <<<
GC - 89.62%
Wii - 88.08%

Alright, so I'm sure these pleases a lot of people, as it also surprises me. I had a second opinion on my original results and it came out the same way after several re-calculations. After noticing someone pointing out that the average is lower than the minimum, which is impossible. I went back and calculated it all again, and being in no different condition than the first time around, this time came with different results.

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badboy74282240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Why do Articles like this get approved? And I say this because it's been done to def.

Edit: I'll change How to Why.

dark-hollow2240d ago

This won't end will.
Blood will spill....fanboys will die.

darthv722239d ago

I have every one of these systems and they all have great games that make each one individual. I can say i have not been disappointed by any of these platforms.

Durffen2240d ago

Fact and number based thoughts that start reasonable debates? Yeah, these are boring, I want more Top 5 articles.

iamnsuperman2239d ago

No debate should ever be started on the basis on this article. He/she talks way to much about getting stoned as if its cleaver and grown up. Is it relevant to the article and subject matter no so why talk about it. Its like your boasting

Durffen2239d ago

Not boasting, I've just seen much worse content come through on N4G.

You need to chill quit being a hater. If he wants to smoke and write, let em. Seems articulate enough.

Is anyone really going to talk about being 'grown-up' on a comment board on a video game site?

MRMagoo1232239d ago

@durffen "Is anyone really going to talk about being a grow-up on a comment board on a vedoe game site?" <-------i dont understand your point here, the average age for a gamer is in the 30s.

VINNIEPAZ2239d ago ShowReplies(2)
Gray-Fox-Type02239d ago ShowReplies(1)
gapecanpie2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Dreamcast #1

TBM2239d ago

Meh this list means nothing for me this gen my order is this for pure gaming entertainment

1 PS3 - huge variety of great games more to my liking
2 360 - by default over the wii lol had a lot of great games at the start
3 Wii - only cared about a few exclusives as it was all about shovelware

My favorite systems of all time goes this

1 PS2 - no doubter
2 SNES - another doubter
3 PS1- a lot of classics
4 NES - same as above
5 Atari- much love to my first ever system
6 PS3 - stated up above
7 XBOX - rpgs that I loved along with splinter cell series
8 Gamecube - got more play then my wii lol, seriously some great games
9 360 - great start this gen but has fallen off for me, overall good preformer
10 Neo-Geo - classics like Baseball 2020 (love this freaking game)

darthv722239d ago

nice you put that in your personal pov. That was a great dedicated arcade/home platform. I have the neogeo cd myself and the games are arcade perfect.

It was an under appreciated platform.

TBM2239d ago


yea the neogeo was a great system, but its only problem was its price console/games other than that awesome system.

and it seems the disagreers must not like the fact that i didnt put the M$ systems any higher or is it the fact that i didnt place a nintendo system at number 1. or is it that ive owned more systems then most which is it?

cobblestone192239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Umm... How the fuck is the Ps3 last? Bulls#!%.

It has a WAAAAAAAAY better library than the Wii and the 360 combined.

Take away the console exclusive part and the 360 is in a very distant last place.

And the Wii ahead of the Ps3 is a GD joke.

Virus2012239d ago

But if the Ps3 would have been on top most of the people would have been screaming "F**K YEAH PS3!!!". The only good thing that the Ps3 has is graphics. The online is garbage, the XMB is boring, and multiplatform games play better on the 360. I agree that the PS2 should be on top because it was the best console for it's time (right now I'm playing MGS3 again for the 5th time) but I think the Ps3 deserves to be down where it belongs.

Virus2012239d ago

@cobswii360 Wow and you think that I care if people on this site agree or disagree with me. This site is full of ps3 fanboys and you saying that you're going to wait to get agrees is pretty fucking sad. You probably have to seek the validation of others to feel good about yourself. Get a life.

Skateboard2239d ago

Have you played MGS4 ? I wouldn't call the PS3 the best console ever but, i think its very good and have no problems playing online. What do you want the PSN to do give you a handjob? It plays games online and it's free.

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MrDead2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

"If a title is only released on PC and one console, that game will be added to that consoles list" So a PC as a stand alone platform does not exist?

So I own 360 exclusives without owning a 360

MrDead2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Ok I get it so games like Bioshock, Braid, Limbo, Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Mass Effect 2 are counted to the 360 score as exclusives (PC does not exist) because the PS3 didn't receive these games within 3 months of its original release. I own 360 exclusives on my PS3 and PC?

And games such as Gears of War, Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect are counted as 360 exclusives.... can someone tell me what mulit platform means then?

Edit: Now I know this article is nothing more then a hit generator and flaimbait.

guitar_nerd_232239d ago

PC's don't follow generations though so to add PC would be like pitting 5yrs worth of games against the entire history of gaming.

But in general totally agree it's not exclusive it's on any other platform and timed exclusives are just plain anoying.

Father Time2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Braid and Limbo aren't counted because they are downloadable titles.

gapecanpie2239d ago

Well MS do own Windows and the DirectX tech that most of those games run on and to play any of those game you do need Windows. Well Unless you are running crappy linux which only mostly play old 2d games and also didn't ms published GOW?

davekaos2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Linux can only play 2d games, direct x can only be used on windows platform.

Noob comment right there, do some research before making stupid comments like that.

Just noticed that you said "crappy linux" any dev would laugh at you right there and make you look a fool, if anything linux is better to code for because its open source "completely" the reason devs dont use it is because of clowns like you who would be confused after post

M_G_S2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )


He said it mostly play old 2d games he never said it couldn't play 3d games and truth is most people who do use Linux, only do play old 2d emulated games the guy never said it couldn't play 3d games learn how to read before trying to bash someone else and stop changing people words around he didn't say "Linux can only play 2d games." Also you are right you can emulate DirectX on Linux using some crap like Wine and have a slow, huge frame rate drop, and buggy experience on Linux if that what you like with your games and I pretty sure that guy knew that but he didn't want to mention doing such a stupid thing.

Also if developers like Linux so much then why don't they port their games to it and don't give me that crap about the Linux market being small or not many people know how to use it because that's just a poor excuse. I mean if they like it so much they would try to help the Linux market grow but they aren't.

guitar_nerd_232239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

"Also if developers like Linux so much then why don't they port their games to it"

Because Linux users would smite them for not releasing the source code and asking them to pay for it hehe.

I kid. I'm quite fond of Ubuntu and great open source software like Blender3d and Gimp. I'd actually quite like Windows to support Gnome.

edit: sudo apt-get install 'god_of_war3.deb' :D

EVO-OM3GA2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

I prefered my Dreamcast to my PS2 and same with my XBOX I dunno I just fell out of Love with my PS2. Though i loved FFX and KH1-2 and other titles

Very interesting to say the least:

PS2 - 92.86%
PS1 - 92.12%
DC - 91.08%
N64 - 91.05%
360 - 90.13%
GC - 89.82%
Xbox - 89.74%
Wii - 88.08%
PS3 - 85.48%

Im not saying there factual but I can see the numbers maybe changing in regards to 360 & PS3.

skrug2239d ago

this is the list I got for ps3 following his guideline

the top 20 games,

96.41 - Uncharted 2
94.67 - LBP
93.56 - MGS4
92.38 - LBP2
92.04 - GOW 3
90.53 - MLB 10 the show
90.13 - MLB 11 the show
90.07 - Killzone 2
89.88 - Demon's Souls
89.70 - Uncharted 1
89.60 - MLB 09 the show
89.30 - Heavy Rain
88.59 - Ratchet and clank- TOD
87.85 - R&C - ACiT
87.36 - Valkryia Chronicles
86.71 - Resistance 2
86.52 - Resistance 1
86.50 - MLB 08 the show
86.32 - Killzone 2
86.31 - inFamous
86.23 - Unreal Tournament 3
1794.43/20= 89.72%

*i did not include the collections (GOW collection, Sly collection etc)[it would increase the %]

so unless the author did something different...

RIP_Weazel2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

....and took his ball away, cause you naughty boys are saying bad stuff about him and his funny lists.

cpayne932239d ago

You listed killzone 2 twice, somehow with different numbers.

ScarT2239d ago

One of them is Killzone 3

Matt06112239d ago

There is 21 games on this list. You divided them by 20.

Matt06112239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

If you take out the 21st game and THEN divide it by 20, it then comes out to 85.4%. Same figure as the article.

cobblestone192239d ago

Okay so here it is, done the right way:

Uncharted 2: 96.41%
LittleBigPlanet: 94.67%
Metal Gear Solid 4: 93.56%
LittleBigPlanet 2: 92.38%
God of War III: 92.04%
MLB 10: The Show: 90.53%
MLB 11: The Show: 90.13%
Killzone 2: 90.07%
Demon's Souls: 89.88%
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: 89.70%

Equals: 91.93%


Gears of War: 93.89%
Halo 3: 93.53%
Gears of War 2: 93.32%
Forza Motorsport 3: 92.13%
Halo: Reach: 91.71%
Forza Motorsport 2: 89.85%
Project Gotham Racing 3: 88.69%
Fable II: 88.27%
Project Gotham Racing 4: 86.51%
Viva Pinata: 85.39%

Equals: 90.32%

Fez2239d ago

So how did the average turn out to be less than the minimum?

Seriously, I'm confused on how the writer calculated this?

Fez2239d ago

Who the hell is writing this shit. They've now updated the incorrect list to include the 360 twice. And since he didn't list games we can't tell which one is the original xbox.

How the hell can you botch something as simple as double checking numbers using a calculator and then typing out the results, correctly?

Luckily were going back to school soon.

skrug2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )


You fail at math, there is no way an average can be lower than the lowest number...

and yes i made a typo with killzone 2/3

The number is correct, i used excel to add the numbers, i then went over the list to have the game title in the comment, but i missed 2 games, and forgot to remove the last one on the list here. It is calculated with 20 games. So, ignore UT3.

and going with my list, all the PS3 games are true exclusives.

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dark-hollow2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Ps3 at last? I smell bs.

IM_A_NINJA2240d ago

Dreamcast was awesome! I agree with PS2 and PS1, I loved those when they came out, just goes to show that Sony has lost it's way. Especially in what the American consumer wants.

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