Top 10 boss battles of all time

Hexus Gaming: For as long as the video game has existed, so has the end boss. Almost every game entails a build up to the inevitable encounter with some bad-ass, armour-clad, chain-gun-wielding homicidal maniac. Well maybe not that specific, perhaps some bad memories lurking in there somewhere but never mind, we'll push forward. As I was saying; Boss Battles, no matter how many panic induced nightmares we suffer, how many loved ones we lose and how many gamepads we destroy in fits of rage, we all love taking the big foes down and consequently dancing around in our underpants, screaming “Hail to the king, baby!”. Well we do, don't we?

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Batzi2486d ago

Psycho Mantis should have been #1 followed by The End from MGS3.

chasedagreat2486d ago

where the boss from heavily sword should of been on that list