Starhawk PAX Prime Hands-On [Shogun Gamer]

Ian Fisher writes: It’s been hyped up for the last two weeks but this past weekend I finally had the honor of playing the latest addition to Starhawk: the first level set in space. Gamers obviously expect some space goodness to be present in Starhawk given its sci-fi setting which includes fast transforming flying vehicles of death and it’s called Starhawk. Sony and LightBox Interactive have been nice enough to show us what to expect from the space level featured in Starhawk but actually experiencing something firsthand is entirely different than seeing a mere video.

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Neo Nugget2428d ago

I played it four times at PAX xD

It was *so* much fun.

BitbyDeath2428d ago

Damn, well i have to ask, proximity mines. Nobody has talked about them yet and this was their first unveiling, are they like the mines in Warhawk? Do they stick to objects eg walls or better yet.. people?
Any big differences?

OSIRUSSS2428d ago

proximity mines in my possession, means people WILL die.