10 Most Depressing Deaths In Video Games

"Deaths in video games are always a sad affair, especially when it is a character you like a lot and are extremely attached to that you see dying. They move the players in more ways than one, and make the game that much more emotionally moving. Given below are ten of the most saddening death in video games- or at least what we feel are ten of the most saddening deaths.
Tell us if you agree with us, and which deaths you think are the most depressing in your comments below."

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Kran2427d ago

Rabbit from Medal of Honor was pretty sad.

It sort of reflected on how those die out on afghanistan, making it that bit upsetting


Why isnt Visari's death on the list?

Nothing more depressing than getting killed Rico.

ATi_Elite2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )


How are you gonna not put Eli Vances Death on there from Half Life 2 Ep2. His Death just came outta no where and it was so violent and shocking that i sat wide eyed, jaw opened, and in shock staring at my monitor.

Then i had to endure hearing the sweat Alyx Vance crying over her dead fathers body. I've been on anti-depressants ever since!

Please Valve release Ep3 sooner than soon so we can get our revenge!!

SilentNegotiator2426d ago

.....was it confirmed that he's for sure dead, by Valve themselves?

ATi_Elite2426d ago

Umm when some Alien sticks a tentacle through your skull and sucks out your brain like a milkshake to the point where you hear the gurgling sound when the Alien tries to get the last drop.....i would say yeh He's DEAD!!

SilentNegotiator2426d ago

But what if....!!!

Just kidding. I thought they just stabbed him in the chest. Guess I didn't remember right. It's definitely been a while since I've played ep2.

FlameBaitGod2426d ago

Now that you say that... I cant imagine how awesome HL3 will be when it comes out

Electroshocked2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )


I cried when Cole died, but what about Zeke in the other ending of InFamous 2? His death may have also been in InFamous 2, but it was still a pretty depressing death and what about John Marston? I cried and I was very upset after his death to.

Edit: Oh, and what about Lucy in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood? I know it's not certain that she's dead, but still, it wasn't very pleasant to watch her getting stabbed by Desmond.

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tiffac0082427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Some of the other gaming deaths that are depressing:

Naomi's death in MGS4: Guns of the Patriots.
The Boss death in MGS3: Snake Eater.
Aya Brea's death in 3rd Birthday. <- Should be non-canon!
Yumi's death in Yakuza 1
Zack's death in Crisis Core

I can't remember the rest ^^;

Pl4sm42427d ago

how about the death of john Marston in Red dead redemption

Iroquois_Pliskin2427d ago

yeah agree the Boss´ death was really depressing, and so was John´s

tiffac0082426d ago

Yeah Sniper Wolf's death was also depressing, it made Naomi's death even more depressing since all the women Otacon loved DIES! Wow, talk about a jinxed guy...

Anyways, I remembered some more deaths that are depressing:

Isara's death in Valkyria Chronicles
The main character's death in Persona 3
KOS-MOS death in Xenosaga 3

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CraigUK2427d ago

Death of the Boss is the most depressing scene in any of the MGS games as it makes you pull the trigger.

Big boss and the boss were both heroes.

Tainted Gene2426d ago

they were more than heroes, they were......

PATRIOTS *salute*

Batzi2427d ago

Would have added the death of The Boss from MGS3 and Sniper Wolf from MGS1 I would include Psycho Mantis as well just because of the awesomeness of the boss fight.

Skateboard2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Sniper Wolf by far. I was crying like a bitch when she died.

dragonyght2427d ago

there should be a spoiler tag if you gonna include recent release game cmon now

Shubhankar2427d ago

There IS a spoiler warning at the beginning of the article. :-/

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