Platinum Games teases Bayonetta sequel

Gematsu: "Platinum Games director Hideki Kamiya is teasing a Bayonetta 2 announcement in this week’s gaming magazines. Responding to a fan on Twitter, who asked Kamiya if we’ll see a sequel, Kamiya responded with a tease."

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XxBarretxX2395d ago

They teased this months ago on their twitter. It's going to happen. I'm not sure how I feel about this getting a sequel, it might not blow my mind like it did the first time.

Alos882395d ago

“This week in a game magazine…” isn't very subtle for a tease, unless Kamiya is toying with us and the announcement turns out to be totally unrelated to Bayonetta.

FlintGREY2395d ago

If they shit on PS3 version again, I'm passing.

MasterD9192395d ago

Well it sure as hell beats the new DMC.

Raven_Nomad2395d ago

Loved the last one, Sega has some quality IP's. People just need to pay a little more attention. Everyone complains there aren't any interesting or new IP's and then when we get ones like this, Alan Wake and Vanquish, people don't buy them, but instead opt to buy the sequel to the sequel to the sequel.

LOGICWINS2395d ago

I actually tried Vanquish out and I personally couldn't get into it. The weapons you used felt like toy guns. No real power behind them. Maybe I had to approach the game with a certain mindset or something.

I had a Bayonetta, the games awesome..but I had the PS3 version so the massive screentearing, slowdown, and blurry graphics stopped me from playing the game entirely. I literally couldn't see when enemies were attacking due to the blur in the visuals.

I'm still excited for Bayonetta 2 providing that they do the PS3 version justice.

Someonerandom2395d ago

Well, look at Vanquish, both versions were Identical, I'm sure that Platinum Games will not allow the PS3 version to be badly ported again.

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