Bayonetta 2 to be unveiled this week

LiveGen writes : "According to Kamiya, Bayonetta 2 should be unveiled this week in the Japanese game magazines."

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fei-hung2240d ago

More importantly, this game is sure to be better than the NT and Crapcom DMC. This right here is what DMC should have been but will never ever be thanks to NT and Crapcom.


2240d ago
Marceles2240d ago

Nice, the first one is one of my most fun and proud games to platinum

crematory2240d ago

please i would beg for bayonetta 2 after ng3 noobfied
and slow dmc gameplay i just cant wait more for bayonetta 2

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SpinalRemains1382241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

Tie me up with your hair, baby!

Giving brunettes the respect they deserve! I'm so sick of blonde barbies.

Wish someone would tell Hollywood that men on a whole do not prefer blondes.
I'll take a raven haired beauty over a blonde any day of the week.

Anon19742240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Ok, it's gotta be me to say it? I couldn't even play this game because I couldn't get past my distaste for the stripper/barbiedoll/pea-sized- headed/SarahPalin looking freak show of a main character.
I don't care if it was the best playing third person beat em up in the world, when you come at me with "a shape-shifting witch who uses her sexuality to her advantage and then some" I'm going to have to say "Pass"

IGN gave it almost a perfect score but when I see comments like "her sexuality is highlighted at almost every turn," I wonder out loud why I would play something like this. I guess I'm just not in that horny, 14 year old age group this game was obviously targeted at.

Edit below: I have no doubt that it was fun, and the reviews were fantastic, I just don't need lewdness in my video games. That's just my personal preference.

SpinalRemains1382240d ago

Im not horny all the time either, and I don't play games to get sexually aroused.

That said though, the game is a fantasy. The protagonist is a sexy, often lewd, promiscuous witch. It's part of her appeal. She's different. The game was totally insane and lots of fun too.

LadyGaga2240d ago

I didn't hear you complaining all those times Kratos went topless.

Something you want to tell us?

PoweredParaglider2240d ago

@ Ladygaga

bubbles up for funny!

Let's not judge him for his personal preferences...

fossilfern2240d ago

I cannot wait! :D Bayonetta is the only game of this generation that I can play all the time and not get bored. The only other game I do that with is Super Metroid and the Prime games, bar Prime 3. Cant wait for this!

AngelicIceDiamond2241d ago

Can't wait to jump into this game again. Loved the first game.

DevilishSix2241d ago

YES. I am extremely happy right now!

Ares842241d ago

I didn't even finish the first one. Got stuck at that dragon in the very beginning. I stopped there and never looked back.

waltyftm2241d ago

lol, never finished it either, got to the last boss ? (giant woman thing in a dome) and just failed at every attempt to beat her.

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The story is too old to be commented.