Assassins Creed Revelations: 3 New Features Ubisoft Revealed At GamesCom

The new gameplay reveals a new level of depth for the Assassin Creed Series. From a story stand point, this game will revisit past experiences in the series that happened without the players knowledge; like when Altair becomes a Master Assassin, and shoing how Altair and Ezio's paths connect.

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chaldo2368d ago

Ezio is a sexy old man...

BobbyMcCOOL2368d ago

Is that coming from the perspective of a Man or a woman?

chaldo2368d ago

Oh silly, man of course. Who wouldn't turn gay for him? :)

Quagmire2368d ago

And an asshole too, lol. Senile old bat, did you see how disrespetfully he killed the Bald turk?

"Recquiscat in Pace, Bastardo"

chaldo2367d ago

It's just how badass he is. I liked him more in AC2 though. We shall see in revelations.