Portal 2's Wheatley To Retire?

Comedian Stephen Merchant has revealed that despite having an absolute blast voicing Wheatley in Portal 2, he found the experience so exhausting he’s not sure whether he could bring himself to repeat it again.

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bobrea2456d ago

I thought Wheatley was a really stupid character. Didn't find him funny at all. I say good riddance.

dark-hollow2456d ago

You sir, have no sense of humor.

bobrea2456d ago

I respectfully disagree, sir. I have a great sense of humor, just wasn't a fan of Wheatley. Although, I will say that 17 disagrees and 0 agrees might be a new record.

Psychonaughty2456d ago

Oh boy are you out of touch.

xtremexx2456d ago

DAMMIT, Wheatley Was Awesome

buddymagoo2456d ago

I liked Wheatley but I'm sure he could be replaced with someone just as capable. Stephen Fry comes to mind.

ShoryukenII2456d ago

I loved Wheatly too but I guess they could hire someone else (crosses fingers for Dave Chapelle in Portal 3 <--- highly unlikely).