Dishonored: No-Kill Playthrough is Possible

Games like Deus Ex and System Shock 2 are not easily labeled with genre tags. They occupy a strange middle ground in which elements of stealth, action and story are all blended together to varying degrees, though have a few common traits. Each game is designed to accommodate the unpredictability of player choice. The artificial intelligences that populate the worlds can be talked with, ignored, clubbed over the head, and generally dealt with in more interesting ways than simple first-person shooters would allow. Few playthroughs of identical content are exactly the same.

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kramun2485d ago

This looks like being one to watch out for. I read the preview in Pc Gamer this month and it looks very promising.

FlameBaitGod2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Passing deus ex without killing anyone, or using tranquillizer's and on hardest lvl :D!. Games awesome

user8586212485d ago

I demand video evidence!!! >_<

FlameBaitGod2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

lol, its time consuming thats for sure. You have to trow stuff and hide behind a corner, wait for them and when they turn around you jump on them from behind.

Do the same thing for ever person in there(stay in same place and just trow stuff at the wall and they'll come), when ever u take one out, the remaining will come one by one. When you take them all out you can do w/e you want and hack everything :D

Btw don't be afraid to explore, You can jump to places you wouldn't think of and find really good things. Just pile up boxes or w/e and get up and go threw the borders till you go to the other side. You can even use to boxes and walk threw electric water, pick 1 up, put in front, get in that 1 and repeat the same thing till you get to the other place.

rizzo-rizzo2485d ago

takes a page from thief - the dark projects book. the unseen father of 3d stealth games.

Quagmire2484d ago

Indeed. Hopefully it takes the reigns back with Thief 4.