Spectacular Tekken Tag Tournament 2 wallpapers

These wallpapers are best suited for widescreen displays, laptops, desktops, PS3 as well as iPhone and mobile devices.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is due out sometime in 2012 on the PS3 and Xbox 360, while it is ready to hit Arcades in Japan this September.

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ps4me2241d ago

I choose Lili, Asuka and Hwoarang. They make a great team.

Hope we get in depth Character Customization options similar to Tekken 6.

So will this game have 41 playable characters?

Gran Touring2241d ago

@you, shreeveera, waltyftm...

It's called Tekken TAG Tournament meaning there are teams of TWO characters. This is not like Marvel Vs. Capcom.

shreeveera2241d ago

I would definitely go with

Jun, Jin and Kazuya

Quagmire2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Family team, nice, despite Kazuya and Jin hating thie crap out of each other, Jun and Kazuya not caring about each other, yet Jin still respecting his mother despite being an asshole.

Me? I'd go Hwaorang for Speed, JayCee for Technique, and Armour King for Strength. (Armour King and Jaycee looked like a pretty awesome team in the CGI trailer, will be keen to try it out)

waltyftm2241d ago

Paul, Heiachi and Asuka for me, Looking forward to this more than any other fighter, Unless DOA5 wants to come out soon.

blackbirdi2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

wall?what it's print screen from the trailer with bad quality .... useless thread

tarbis2240d ago

These are too small to be wallpapers, and most of these are screencaps -_-
I missed Jun. I'll definitely team Jun with Asuka or Kazuya.