Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Being Played With The Kinect At Pax Prime 2011

For all of us that could not make it to Pax Prime 2011, here is video footage of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier being played with the Kinect only. The Ubisoft representative shows and explains how to shoot with no controller.

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JsonHenry2185d ago

Cool to have the option but I think I will pass.

JellyJelly2185d ago

This might be cool as some sort of tech demo, but to play the game like that instead of with a normal controller just seems stupid.

hazelamy2185d ago

jazz hands to shoot: check.
on rails movement: check.

DrFUD2185d ago

that is so beyond on rails it's like it's playing itself.

Dlacy13g2185d ago

Both of you do realize that the video above had NOTHING to do with the guy using Kinect right?

FEARprototype2185d ago

?????????? whats going on???????????? first of all why isn't the tv in front of him? is the tv linked to other tv because its impossible to judge anything from this video...

RaidensRising2185d ago

Camera man was simply perving the chick's side view. Love the way he panned to the high up screen when she looked, then slowly back to her when she wasn't looking.

Go camera man!

baodeus2185d ago

for one eye guy, u r quite perceptive

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The story is too old to be commented.