Firefall Videos From PAX Prime 2011

Skewed and Reviewed have posted two videos of Firefall from PAX Prime 2011.

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JBWill2427d ago

If you check out Red 5's youtube channel, they have the high quality version of both of these trailers, along with several others.

Cannot wait for this game, it's looking awesome!

Garethvk2427d ago

It was a nice suprise to say the least.

SoulOfOrigin2427d ago

Yep, the trailers are higher quality on the official red 5 studios youtube channel. Firefall looks really nice, several people have told me already that it's fun to play and that it's really polished so I'll definately try it out. The closed beta starts at the end of this week by the way.

Garethvk2427d ago

It was fun. I went in not expecting to much and really liked what I saw.