Hands on with Battlefield 3 on PlayStation 3 - Attack of the Fanboy

It's quite possible that Battlefield 3 will go down as the best first person shooter on the PS3 this generation. ~ Attack of the Fanboy

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ape0072278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

u mean bf3 4 the win, cause the last time i checked the xbox 360 will have bf3 and it will have cross game chat

latinalover2278d ago

cross game chat? thats all. EA will work on us and give us early DLC.

MysticStrummer2278d ago

Cross Game Chat? Minor Victory. Paying to play BF3 online? Major Defeat. Game goes to PS3. Good effort though.

gamesmaster2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

cross game chat!? so you can talk to friends who aren't playing bf3 with you? err yeah.. you go enjoy that. wait.. what?

DigitalxPiracy2278d ago

Well I'll be chatting on Skype with far superior sound quality than either PS3 or 360 game chat. I also won't be paying to play online. Oh yeah, I'll have better graphics, larger maps, and 64 players. You console war faggots need to stop arguing about which system is better.

arjman2278d ago

You're all fanboy retards.

baodeus2278d ago


You do know MS own Skype now right?

ThatHappyGamer2278d ago

You should Never buy any Battlefield games since Battlefield games need communication within players.

We don't want retards like you chatting about "How good was your last night dinner" with a cod n00b.

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thebudgetgamer2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

i plan on shooting people directly in the kneecap, because i stink.

LoveMyKids2278d ago

Who cares about cross game chat its stupid.

thebudgetgamer2278d ago

what? you're not interested in mindless chatter wile trying to play your games.

i love going home to play after a long day of work and listening to poeple talk about nothing.

MysticStrummer2278d ago

Even better is playing your new game, then being interrupted by your friend, who is playing a completely different game. Man... I can only imagine the immersive result. Epic.

thebudgetgamer2278d ago

when i was a kid me and the kid next door bought some walkie talkies and thought, man this is so cool we can talk all night. twenty minutes later there is nothing to talk about so they end up under the bed never to be used again.

Kyosuke_Sanada2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Its good to hear that enemy A.I has FINALLY made an improvement this time around. The ones on previous console Battlefields were basically brain dead at best and the soldiers that showed some intelligence (usually when in vehicles) were very cheap because they can detect where you are no matter how hidden your position.

I'm not expecting Killzone 2 type enemies but at least its a great step in the right detection campaign wise.

BLow2278d ago

Just waitin to hear someone say that its not as good as the PC version. Really? No Shit..Can't wait to try this game out even on my outdated 5 year old piece of crap hardware. Just jokin people..calm down..HaHa

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